Go Green With Your Dishwasher

Washing dishes is one of the most tedious tasks in every household. This wearisome job cannot be neglected as the dishes must be clean and hygienic. Dishwashers have considerably eased the whole dishwashing process. However with the advancements in technology one has stopped thinking about the disastrous impact it can have on the environment. Well now technology itself has voluntarily found an answer to its environmental effects caused by the dishwasher.

Dishwashers have joined the Going-Green league along with most of the other appliances and gadgets. With just a couple of simple and easy to follow steps the whole dishwashing process can be more eco-friendly.

Choose the correct size:

Dishwashers come in different sizes. It is always better to choose the right dishwasher with adequate capacity depending on the number of members in your family. A compact dishwasher is more efficient as compared to a robust dishwasher, which

usually consumes lots of energy and water when compared to the former. Choosing the appropriate appliance helps an individual protect the environment.

Load it fully:

Planning really works wonders; scheduling the dishwashing process by planning the utensil usage can help. Dishwashers should ideally be run on full load. This could save you time whilst reducing the water and energy consumption. For a better performance, one can manually pre-rinse the dirty dishes before loading them in the dishwasher. The food particles can also be scrubbed before hand in order to reduce the stress caused on the dishwasher.

Save power:

Modern dishwashers have multiple washing options and better features as compared to older models; thus it would be better if the older models are replaced by the latest eco-friendly ones. bosch 14 place dishwasher One can make use of the delay wash timer option to avoid electricity usage during peak hours. This also saves you loads of money in the electricity bills. The dishwasher market is flooded with energy-efficient appliances. Before making a purchase, do ensure to check out the appliance’s energy rating.

Conventional dishwashers consumed almost 80% of the power just for heating the water. However, the current models are much more energy efficient and help saving loads of power and gallons of water consumption annually.

Isolate your Dishwasher:

As heat is radiated from the dishwasher and it may adversely affect the performance of the other appliances located close to it. Thus it is advisable to keep the dishwasher isolated from other appliances like washing machine, fridge etc.

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